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The Cigarette

Smoking must be easy in order to be a pleasurable experience. This is exactly what Sensitive-C offers. The authentic smoking experience from a smoke-free cigarette.
Equipped with a mouthpiece, and most importantly, rolled tobacco in cigarette paper, Sense-C is closer to a cigarette than any other product. A calibrated aroma and nicotine matrix delivers unprecedented control over taste and nicotine reception.
A Sensitive-C cigarette is a completely autonomous unit, self-contained, hassle free that doesn’t use electricity, batteries, or vapour. It is NOT an electronic cigarette and has none of the e-cigarette commercial and legal restrictions.
Classified and declared by German/ EU legislation as a tobacco product. It will be distributed over the same channels as classical cigarettes such as Tobacco stores, general shops, kiosks, duty-free shops, or bending machines.

Smoking can be so easy!
Just enjoy the cigarette without smoke.


It can be so easy to enjoy this smoke-free tobacco product: Slightly press on the tip of the cigarette and the system is activated. Experience from the first puff, the familiar heat of the traditional cigarette. This temperature is authentic and sufficient to activate a matrix, with nicotine and aroma wrapped with tobacco. The calming effect of tobacco, the familiar aroma and the perceived heat create a resemblance to the cigarette smoking experience unparalleled in previous products.