There are 1 Billion smokers, around 20% of the world population. The worldwide tobacco industry generates annual revenues exceeding USD 500 billion.

The market potential of smokeless products was re-assessed by the tobacco industry from merely minimal to high potential. As a consequence every major player invested significantly in the second generation of smokeless products.

Sensitive-C is a zero emission product unlike traditional cigarettes and vapouring products. This key competitive advantage assures compliance with the strictest non-smoking regulations of any country.

Partnerships for production can be established within the cigarette industry, the pharmaceutical industry or any consumable goods manufacturer. The know-how of the production processes can be easily transferred to any company actively operating in these industries.

For a professional tobacco manufacturer the process is tantamount merely to build up the production of a new cigarette type. The possibility of using the existing packaging and distribution competencies of the major tobacco manufacturers and matching the taste and aromas of their most established brands opens the possibility for potentially explosive market launches. Current brands would simply be supplemented by a smoke-free alternative with the look and feel of a regular cigarette.

The sustainable recycling of the heat-pads is another potential revenue stream and an opportunity to enhance public image.