Production Concept

All necessary production steps have been designed and reviewed with a view to their prospects for scalability and manageability. The process design relies on the adaptation of tobacco industry standard machinery and the inclusion of adapted machinery used in other industries. Key players within OLIG product development successfully transferred extensive practical experience with phase-changing media into one of the Sensitive-C core technologies. Along with the considerable patent family, the expertise and experience necessary for production and quality assurance is also in our hands: we can take this tobacco product forward to the next steps in production along with sales and marketing activities.

Independent experts and institutions throughout the developing process have critically supervised sensitive-C. The following centers have been involved in Research and Development of the OLIG AG:

  • Leibniz-Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies e.V. (LIFIS): expertise of the functionality of a “smoke-free cigarette”
  • Johann-Friedrich-Böttger Institute e.V. in Selb: laboratory tests of heat supply
  • IUT Institute for Environmental Technologies GmbH in Berlin: tests of nicotine and analytics.
  • RKW Expert in Dresden: auditing of the business plan and of the production concept.
  • The Waste Management Association of Central Germany e.V./Compe­tence Center has issued the certification of environmental compatibility and recyclability of materials.
  • The German Board of Trustees for Rationalization confirmed the project after having tested the market conformity and classified it even as eligible for promotion.