The Cigarette

Smoking must be easy in order to be a pleasurable experience. This is exactly what Sensitive-C offers. The authentic smoking experience from a smoke-free cigarette.

Equipped with a mouthpiece, and most importantly, rolled tobacco in cigarette paper, Sense-C is closer to a cigarette than any other product. A calibrated aroma and nicotine matrix delivers unprecedented control over taste and nicotine reception.

A Sensitive-C cigarette is a completely autonomous unit, self-contained, hassle free that doesn’t use electricity, batteries, or vapour. It is NOT an electronic cigarette and has none of the e-cigarette commercial and legal restrictions.

Classified and declared by German/ EU legislation as a tobacco product. It will be distributed over the same channels as classical cigarettes such as Tobacco stores, general shops, kiosks, duty-free shops, or bending machines.