Marcel Köller

born in 1971, German citizen, living in Switzerland. He attended a school for business management, trainee in an internationally renowned hotel. For several years he managed one of the top restaurants in Munich and became highly successful in event-marketing.Voluntary work for the association “Bund der Verbraucher” in the field of service quality and client orientation. From 2003 until 2007 he was member of the board of the above mentioned Consumer Association in Munich. In 2007 he took up residence in Switzerland. Owing to his commitment in the Federation for Consumers, as responsible father and especially as an ex-smoker he became more and more aware of the fact that an innovative product for the traditional smoker would be needed on the market. His mission was to maintain for the classical smoker the delight of smoking without being excluded from society and without harming other persons. With key partners, the idea was generated to develop a product fulfilling those requirements. A company was founded for developing such a product which is now ready for market entrance. The setting up is finished and the take-off for a serial production is on target.


Dr. Ernst Schweizer

born in 1934, German citizen, living in Switzerland. After more than 20 years of professional experience in research and development with Ciba and Ciba Geigy Dr. Schweizer became the chief scientific and technical adviser for business development and licensing. When Ciba Geigy was merged to Novartis in 1997 he was asked to build-up the new unit for the company. He was involved in the foundation and the development of Genmab, a successful company producing antibodies. He negotiated for Speedel the first renin inhibitor, which after the buyout from Novartis (nearly 1 billion CHF) has been marketed under the name of Tekturna/Rasilex since summer 2008. It has the potential to become a blockbuster. Because Dr. Schweizer brought many years ago the nicotine-patch to CIBA, he has been regarded among insiders as a nicotine authority. With his technical knowledge he made an important contribution for the development of the smokeless cigarette.


Dr. Mag. Georg Matuszek

born in 1946, Austrian citizen. After several University- and postgraduate- studies, job-history as Manager in several renowned international companies, settling joint-ventures, setting-up an international trading organization. Then he was assigned by Management Contracting to many medium-sized companies in different branches, coaching the business-optimization, project-launches and international trading. Due to his experiences as former competitive athlete, trainer and head of a national sport federation, he is involved in a network of innovative technologies for sports and recreation in business. Seminars and lectures of Management at universities, book author, consultant. At present CEO of a company in Switzerland and board member of an American venture-capital-company. Lecturer for “New-Clienting” and “Global-Responsibility-Management” at the brain-in-action-Academy in Munich. As member of the board of the OLIG AG he is co-responsible for the market publicity of the smoke-free cigarette.