Smoker's Solution

The freedom to smoke wherever you want

Smoker’s solution

The freedom to smoke wherever you want

Sensitive-C´s smokeless and vapour-less innovation enables enjoying cigarettes in any public environment: public buildings, aircrafts, restaurants and virtually every venue imaginable.

The emission free nature of Sensitive-C is a key differentiator to e-cigarettes. With absolutely no impact in the surround, smokers will be able to enjoy the social aspect of smoking free of any health concerns for non-smokers and any legal obstacles. Sensitive-C is without a doubt the best choice for smoking in public.

The trend in governmental regulations is to socially outcast and discriminate against smokers for the protection of society as a whole. These regulations are likely to become even stricter, increasing the need for a true solution for the smoker. With all the stimulation and satisfaction derived from the act of smoking a socially, medically, morally and legally acceptable product.